Opportunities in Data Governance and Domain-specific Data preparation tools:

  • Domain-centric data strategy will lead to cloud-based decentralized storage and compute. The ownership of the data will shift from centralized IT to Business
  • Data policies, standards, risk & compliance, will be managed and governed by the central data governance team or Data Governance council.
  • Modern databases and governance tools will emerge to support the democratization of data.
  • Shallow data profiling happens at the extract level.
  • Data quality is becoming common in writing it into the data pipeline itself. This borrows principles from “unit tests” in the software engineering world.
  • Surging demands for the domain-specific data preparation tools and data connectors to connect various modern data sources and process at the preparation level to be the “first eyes on data”.




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Mathavan Arugalaimuthu

Mathavan Arugalaimuthu

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